CFT Policy


Here is Our CFT policy for using our Solycards Card Issuing Service:

1. Policy statement

Solycards is committed to combatting the financing of terrorism (CFT) and will not provide services to any entities that engage in or facilitate such activity, or to individuals who are on a sanctioned or designated list.

2. Procedures

a. Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Procedures:
Solycards will conduct adequate and appropriate CDD to identify and verify the identity of all customers and beneficial owners. In addition, Solycards will conduct ongoing monitoring of customer transactions and behavior patterns to detect and report any activity that is suspicious or potentially related to financing of terrorism.

b. Risk Assessment Procedures:
Solycards will perform periodic risk assessments to identify, assess, and mitigate any risks associated with our services being used for financing of terrorism.

c. Employee Training and Awareness:
Solycards will provide regular training to employees to ensure they understand their obligations under this policy and how to recognize and report any suspicious transactions or customers.

d. Reporting Procedures:
If Solycards becomes aware of any activity that is suspicious or potentially related to financing of terrorism, we will promptly report such activity to the relevant authorities.

3. Compliance Officer

Solycards will appoint a Compliance Officer with responsibility for all AML and CFT matters. The Compliance Officer will have the necessary qualifications and autonomy to fulfill their duties effectively and objectively.

4. Program Testing and Updating

Solycards will periodically review and update its CFT policy and procedures to incorporate changes in regulatory requirements and industry standards. We will also conduct testing to assess the effectiveness of our CFT program.

By implementing these procedures, Solycards LTD is committed to protecting the financial system from being used for criminal activity related to the financing of terrorism.