Issuing Virtual Cards Use Case


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that each user is issued only one virtual card within a single account on Solycards platform. This policy is to be implemented to prevent fraudulent activities and maintain security and stability for our users.

Policy Statement
Solycards strictly enforces the issuance of only one virtual card per user within a single account. Any violation of this policy may result in account suspension or termination.

Implementation Plan
Solycards will implement the following measures to comply with this policy:

1. Our system will routinely check whether an account has an existing virtual card before issuing a new one. If a user already has a virtual card registered under their account, any requests for a new virtual card will be declined.

2. Solycards's system will allow users to replace a lost or damaged virtual card within a single account. However, the replacement card will have the same card details as the original card being replaced.

3. Any user found to have multiple virtual cards issued on their account will be subjected to account termination.

4. In the case of a user requiring multiple virtual cards for a legitimate reason, they are required to contact our customer service team [email protected] for approval. Approval will be subject to a thorough review.

Adherence to this policy is necessary for Solycards to maintain the safety and integrity of our platform. By limiting the issuance of virtual cards to one card per user per account, we can prevent fraudulent activities, provide secure transactions, and ensure a better experience for all our users.